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The Interpreter's Tapestry


Online PD Options


This activity improves any skills the mentor and mentee wish to focus on.

  1. Find an interpreting mentor or a Deaf mentor using social networking sites or other contacts. (Make sure to clarify the mentor/mentee relationship - formal or informal, paid or not paid, who leads the learning, etc.)
  2. Using a web cam or video camera, record yourself working with an unfamiliar text.
  3. Upload your video to You Tube or other website or email it to your mentor to work with you using these video samples.


Voicing Practice

This activity will improve voicing skill and confidence.

  1. Using online videos on You Tube, vlogs, or other signed videos, practice voicing these videos into a voice recorder or microphone, or onto video.
  2. Play them back and evaluate your work for fluency (how natural do you sound), word choice (right level of word for the situation), accuracy, and other desired skills. If you voiced onto video, what are your mannerisms while voicing (squinting, nervous habits, etc.).
  3. Share your work with a mentor (see Online Mentoring, above).


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